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Wierd Fish interior design review in SF Weekly,
...the interior was even more welcoming...with its cool blue paint and scattering of chic objets — bottles that might have been found on a beach, nautical-looking stars, framed fish prints. I admired the assortment of mirrors hung over the banquette running down one side of the room. In fact, the general effect was so charming that I considered asking who'd decorated the place, with an eye to getting him or her to help me out at home. by Meredith Brody

Weird Fish interior review in The Chronicle, Blythe Friedmann crafted the hipster interior [creating a] comely atmosphere of coolness. The ornamental bauble hanging above the entrance to Weird Fish in the Mission District couldn't better embody the restaurant's eccentric name. The front resembles a faded, old-fashioned toy horse -- the kind that would have hung out in the playroom with the Velveteen Rabbit. But its hindquarters morph into the unmistakable green curlicue of a mermaid's tail, propelling it into the category of mythology, or a strange artifact around which Annie Proulx might write a short story.Walls are painted the precise blue of a Tiffany box, with a rich coat of dark chocolate on the surrounding trim. A scruffy shelf of odd little knickknacks and a tattered anatomical poster of fish impart the simultaneous sense of coziness and edginess... The mermaid's siren song has apparently done its work. by Bill Addison

About the Wierd Fish interior on ...
Shedding any and all semblance of its former Chinese grocery past...The whole space has an inviting, woodsy, den vibe that makes sticking around for the next cup or glass almost too easy. There's a tree-scape painted on the main wall, and handmade wooden tables throughout. You'll want to walk the narrow path past the kitchen and settle at one of the tables facing the window for the best sunlight by

The decor: I love everything about the inside of this place. Whoever did the design work is brilliant. From the nautical decorations to the lighting, the tabletops that look like rubbings of wrought iron grates, the menu with it's unique use of asymmetrical balance, it all works so well together without being a distraction. And the mermaids make me smile.
Ambiance: 5 Stars. I loooved the decor. The space is small but high ceilings, wainscoting, and lots of natural light give a sort of feeling of being below deck in a non kitschy way. The old school poster of freaky fish is kinda trippy to look at (a little prehistoric) and the Loteria cards framed on the wall are funky. The seaweed door handle is really a nice piece of sculpted bronze and the blue color of the walls is cheerful and peaceful. The space is cozy and open at the same time, like swimming in tropical turquoise waters... this place is adorable! The interior design is beautiful and there is plenty here to play I spy with.
Atmosphere: Great. Weird Fish is well designed, clean, and aesthetically pleasing in an authentic way. They clearly paid a lot of attention to detail during the interior design, and I respect that.
The Corner interior review in Remoldelista
The Corner in San Francisco, named for its location at the intersection of Mission and 18th Streets, drew our attention instantly with its matte black exterior, featuring painted-over Chinese characters, which pays homage to its former incarnation as an Asian grocery. Designed by Blythe Friedmann, the interior has a slight goth edge, mixing Edgar Allen Poe-ish wallpaper, exposed brick, fluted metal pendants, and vintage finds. -Remodelista

I really like the decor and ambiance here. It has a found-items vibe, very John Derrian with cool bird/tree wallpaper and dark walls. At night there is candlelight and everything kind of twinkles. A++ for atmosphere, decor...drawn in by the buzz, we decided to stay for the decor. Indeed very cute. More like a hipster clothing boutique with earth tones and tree branch wall paper.... decor straight out of some of those oh-so-lovely design/lifestyle blogs. The place should be intimidatingly elegant - but it's not.